Big Shrimpy Planet-Friendly Original Pet Beds

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Stylish, Functional, and Planet-Friendly, it’s sweet dreams for any pet that stretches out on Big Shrimpy’s Original Bed! This bed is perfect for active pets and their humans.



Product Description

Stylish, Functional, and Planet-Friendly, it’s sweet dreams for any pet that stretches out on Big Shrimpy’s Original Bed! This bed is perfect for active pets and their humans. Take it anywhere and relax, knowing that its sturdy construction resists dirt and moisture.

The zippered outer cover of the Planet-Friendly Original Bed combines water-resistant 420 denier nylon packcloth with a polyester fleece or faux suede sleeping surface. This outer cover surrounds an inner cushion made of ripstop nylon. The inner cushion is filled with SmartFill, Big Shrimpy’s 100% recycled fiber. The inner cushion is odor and water-resistant, but if necessary, the inner cushion can be unzipped to remove and wash the SmartFill. Of course, the outer cover and inner cushion are washable as well.

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Bed Size Dimensions Weight
Small 23″ x 28″ 5 lbs
Medium 28″ x 34″ 9 lbs
Large 35″ x 46″ 16 lbs
X-Large 46″ x 57″ 28.5 lbs

What exactly is SmartFill?

SmartFill is a 100% pre-consumer recycled polyester fiber. It is machine washable and dryable. SmartFill is a dense, cushiony fiber that makes Big Shrimpy beds feel more substantial when compared to most other beds. Because SmartFill is made of many individual tufts of fiber, rather than long intertwined virgin fiber, Big Shrimpy beds can be opened up and “refluffed” to restore the loft of the fiber.

Return Policy

In order to maintain strict quality control, Big Shrimpy is unable to accept any items that show signs of use. This includes any worn fabric, any traces of pet hair, any pulled hang tags, etc.

To ensure a smooth return if you choose not to keep your Big Shrimpy product, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Consider your pet’s sleeping style (is he a flopper, a curler, a lounger, etc.) before you order your pet bed. Some animals like smaller beds, some like larger beds.
  • Take a look at all of the color options and imagine them in your house. Do they go with your decorating theme? Getting it right the first time can save a lot of trouble.
  • Visually inspect your Big Shrimpy product when it arrives. Make sure the color, size and material are everything you expected before you allow your pet to use it.
  • See if you can introduce it to your pet with the plastic wrapping still on the bed. This will allow you to see if it’s the appropriate size for your companion without any fur getting on it. Big Shrimpy will not accept returns if there is fur on the product.
  • Do not remove any hang tags from your Big Shrimpy product. Big Shrimpy will not accept returns when the hang tags are removed.

Big Shrimpy’s Earth-Friendly Philosophy & Mission

Big Shrimpy creates pet products that are comfortable and functional for pets, stylish enough for any living space, and include design features useful to pet owners. Within these parameters, Big Shrimpy strives to wisely use Earth’s resources by designing their products to last longer than typical pet products and by using recycled materials in the majority of their products.

Big Shrimpy emphasizes manufacturing processes that reduce the amount of natural resources withdrawn from the Earth. They do this by: 1) salvaging waste materials from other industries to use in their products, thus diverting waste from landfills and reducing their company’s demand for new raw materials, and 2) designing products to have a longer than average life in order to slow the cycle of throw-away-and-buy-another cycle, again reducing the need for new raw materials.

Big Shrimpy “packages” these environmentally friendly characteristics in products that are both eco-friendly and functional. Over 93% of Big Shrimpy products sold use recycled materials! Big Shrimpy also donates a percentage of sales to a nonprofit organization that develops environmentally sustainable business practices.


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