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Top Dog Health Care Information That Every Pet-Owner Must Know Of


dog health care informationNutrition, hygiene, and health – these are just some of the challenging aspects in dog care which every dog owner aspires to tick off their list with pride. As much as keeping your own pooch is a fun, rewarding experience, it also has concurrent responsibilities that you should be able to effectively take care of. If you are a newbie in pet ownership, the prospects of providing the dogs’ numerous needs and addressing their various issues can be quite daunting but with the right dog health care information and strategy, dog health care can prove to be a simple, trouble-free process.

Health care is an essential component in raising an active, healthy, and happy canine friend. It has a great impact on the dog’s mood, physical condition, and relationship with you. Despite its paramount role in the development of the dog’s wellbeing, health care does not necessitate the employment of professional veterinary services – you can do it yourself! As a practical and responsible pet owner, here are some bits of basic dog health care information that you should know about.

Your Dog Is Not Like You

As much as you’d like to treat your pooch as a member of your family or, maybe, a surrogate child of sorts, a rudimentary dog health care information to remember is that your dog is just simply not like you. Thus, pet owners should not try to use health care products for humans – they should opt for specially-formulated dog health care products instead. For instance, instead of using your jasmine-scented shampoo with rose petal essence, apply the more appropriate dog shampoo for your pet because it has the pH level that is just right for your pet’s skin. Using products made for humans may result in adverse reactions such as allergies, skin irritations, dryness and shedding, among others.

Pooch Chef

Another important bit of dog health care information is the fact that your dog’s dietary requirements are different from yours. If you would like them to be more energetic and healthy, feeding them with burger and fries just won’t work. Invest, instead, in a dog food tailored fit for your dog’s nutritional demands. However, if you would like to cook for them, make sure that you are serving moist food or ones infused with digestive enzymes and fresh oils (e.g. flax seed or fish oils) to promote better digestion and hydration. You can also incorporate nutritional yeasts, Spirulina, and other natural ingredients as supplements to your dog’s meal. These add-ons will also ensure that your dog will have a shiny coat and great skin.

The Tick and Flea Malady

One of the common issues that you’ll encounter in dog health care would be the pesky tick-and-flea infestation that usually leaves your dog scratching, whining, and agitated. However, there is sufficient dog health care information on this subject that can help provide guidance, including the use of a safe, medicated shampoo which contains a low dose of pyrethrins. During every bath, make sure that your pooch won’t gulp down the solution to lessen his exposure to chemicals. Always opt for products with an external application rather than oral solutions to prevent the potential buildup of toxins in your dog’s body. Since insect bites will usually leave a ruddy, itchy patches on the skin, treat your dog to an aloe vera skin product or to a bath of water and baking soda to help alleviate the irritation and sooth the affected areas. And, for those hard-to-reach places, a cotton ball moistened with mineral oil can get the job done in no time.

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