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Top 3 Must-have Health Care Products for Your Canine Friends


dog health care productsA loving companion, loyal friend, and even a protective playmate to your kids – an endearing pooch definitely proves to be one of life’s greatest joys. Caring for your canine friends can be quite fulfilling because more than being mere domesticated animals, dogs are increasingly deemed as members of the family. However, the bliss of keeping your own dog comes with challenging responsibilities as well, especially if you are new to pet ownership.

Being a first-time dog owner should not stop you from becoming a good one. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your pooch clean, healthy, and happy does not require you to muster a magic formula or employ the services of professionals. Efficient dog care can be achieved not only by keeping yourself informed about the basics of handling man’s best friend but also by having essential dog health care products in your arsenal. When you have the right products, your job of providing the best care possible for your dog is definitely made easier and faster.

With the steady rise in the demand for quality dog health care products, more and more choices are popping in the market. Whether you are on the lookout for basic soap formulas or shopping for a peplum skirt for your pooch, you will definitely have a myriad of options to choose from. However, how do you know which ones would be more important in caring for your pet canine? If you are not quite sure, here are the top three dog health care products that every pet owner must have.

Soap-free Dog Shampoo

Bathing is one of the rudimentary areas of dog care. Do not commit one of the mistakes committed by many dog owners – using shampoo for humans on their pets. Instead, go for a quality dog shampoo which is specially formulated to address the health and hygiene issues commonly plaguing our pets. Also, take the time to read the ingredients used in these dog health care products because some can prove to be toxic, such as methicone, triethanolamine, and dioxins, among others. As much as possible, go for organic products to avoid irritating your pet’s skin.

Anti-Parasite Agents

One of the basic hurdles in dog care is getting rid of those pesky ticks and fleas which commonly infest the dog’s coat and skin, leaving red, itchy patches that will leave your pet whining and scratching frequently. Aside from doing regular cleaning and disinfecting, you should also invest in good and safe dog health care products against ticks and fleas.

There are many dog health care products available in the market claiming to be most effective against these parasites but distinguish which ones are safe and which pose a threat to your dog’s health. If you are going to use products containing pyrethrins, make sure that your dog would not lap the solution. Also, go for dog health care products which will be externally applied on your dog’s skin or coat instead of those which requires oral intake to lessen your dog’s exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals.

Hair Brush

Studies have shown that regularly brushing your dog’s coat can result to numerous benefits which include improving your pet’s mood, boosting circulation, developing a healthier coat, and forging a closer relationship between you and your pooch, among others. Who would have thought that the humble hair brush could rank among the must-have dog health care products?

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