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Pugs bring out the mother in her


Cynthia Moses loves pugs to the point of running an exclusive shelter for them. Satz Pug Haven – named after her son, whom she lost three years ago – is a paid stay for these wrinkly-faced dogs. It also rescues pugs that have been abandoned or ill-treated.

“Pugs are indoor pets that need to be handled with kid gloves. They should not be cooped up in kennels. With Chennai lacking an exclusive boarding home for pugs, I decided to start Satz Pet Haven as a tribute to my son,” says Cynthia.

Why is she so fascinated with pugs? “We had a pug named Tobby and I could never bring myself to leave him alone every time my family decided to go out of station,” says Cynthia.

She has dedicated an entire apartment to the care of pugs. “I have two flats in the same building. I live downstairs and one above, which has a terrace attached to it, is for the pugs. I am here full time to take care of them,” says Cynthia, who is also an animal rescuer.

Her son Satz would rescue abandoned and injured animals and bring them home.

“Many people bring pets home without knowing what it takes to keep them. After a point, they fail to take responsibility for their pets. We find such pugs, talk to the families and try to find these dogs better homes. Recently, someone called to inform us about a pug named Naddy, which was always tied outside the house by its owners.

I found the place and spoke to the owners. She told me that she was allergic to the smell of a dog and had to keep the pug outside. She agreed to sell the pug, but, at that time, I could not find a buyer. I bought the pug myself. Tobby had passed away and I decided to keep Naddy with me.” But Cynthia often faces heart-breaking disappointments in her pug rescue mission. For example, she has been trying hard to rescue this pug whose owners have left it to the mercy of their watchman.

“I saw him once tied with the hose pipe of a washing machine, instead of a chain. When I spoke to the family, they refused to either take the pug in or give him away to a family that could treat him better,” says Cynthia. She associates with groups that work for animal welfare and is doing all she could to create a safer and healthier environment for pets.

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