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Little Known Facts about Dog Ear Infection

Dog Ear Infection

It is quite common for flop ear dogs suffer from dog ear infection (otitis externa). Ear infections can be a painful condition especially if your dog will suffer from it most of the time. Some common signs that your pet has dog ear infection are if he scratches and rubs his ears while he shakes his head simultaneously.

A dead giveaway is if you notice a slightly foul odor emanating from his ears or observe redness and swelling. The common cause of dog ear infection is due to the presence of bacteria and yeast. The veterinarian will take a swab from the dog’s ears and examine this under his microscope to have an idea on what type of microorganism is present in the ears.

Some dogs are more prone to inner ear infection or otitis interna like the Cocker Spaniel for instance which has narrow ear canals. Some breeds like prone to outer ear infection than others like Labradors for instance. Some breeds like poodles have plenty of hair in their ear which causes wax and dirt to become trapped inside the ears.

Causes of Dog Ear Infection

  • Presence of foreign bodies lodged in the ears. There are instances when there is a need for surgery to remedy this problem especially when the foreign object is trapped inside the ear. In minor cases flushing out can easily resolve minor cases
  • Parasites and Microorganisms. A yeast organism known as Malassezia Pachydermatitis is fond of living in the dog’s ear canals. Ear mites are common parasites that can affect younger dogs
  • Bacteria and Yeast Infection. The problem with bacterial infections is that this can affect not just the ears but other parts of your dog’s body as well
  • Tumors. This condition develops in cases where the parasite infestation wasn’t resolved when the dog was younger. In this case only tumor removal through surgery can remedy this condition
  • Skin Problems and Other Types of Allergies. Some dogs have an allergic reaction to certain foods. Learn to observe what your dog eats. If dog ear infection recurs from time to time, this means there may be some food items that your dog have eaten prior to the allergic reaction
  • Underlying Diseases. If you notice that your dog suffers from scaling and hormonal disorders there is a greater chance that he may suffer from ear infections as an indirect result of his disease
  • Swollen lymph nodes. The only solution is to take your dog to the veterinary as fast as you can

The different shape of the dog’s ears which is mostly “L” in shape allows debris to become trapped inside your pet’s ears. The important thing that you need to do is to keep your dog’s ear clean on a regular basis. If in case your dog is suffering from ear infection the veterinarian can prescribe ear cleaners that have medications in them. Finally, during bath time don’t forget to keep your dog’s ears dry. Water trapped inside when the ear canal can cause dog ear infection. 

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