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Labrador Facts

Labrador Facts

Best Breed Ever! Labrador Retrievers Originating in Canada during the 1800s, labs
are smaller versions of the Newfoundland dog breed
They were bred to help fishermen retrieve their catch and bring hunters their game
cho black, yellow, and chocolate They have webbed feet, an otter-like tail,
and a near water-proof coat � making them excellent swimmers
The majority of guide dogs are labradors because they are very friendly and reliable
Labradors are also used for bomb detection and stress therapy in the military
Labs can be trained to respond to hundreds of commands � even loading a washing machine
– They are medium-sized dogs that need exercise – They shed moderately twice a year
"Are Labradors for me? – They are great for families with children
– They are high energy dogs! – They live to be 12-13 years old"

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