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How to best bath a dog

 bath a dog
Bathing a dog is more likely taking a shower the way you do. It should be taken into consideration to prevent them from getting infections. One example for that is closing their ears with large cotton balls which prevent the water from entering into ear canals that might infect it.

Another one is considering their breeds to give them the right way of bathing. Just like Cocker Spaniel, a hairy-typed dog. With this kind of breed, bathing should only be carried out once in six to eight weeks to avoid losing their protective characters which can be found from their skin and coat. However, there are some instances that the dog should be undertaken to frequent bathing due to some skin problems to avoid the bad smell.

Avoid using some irritant soap or human soaps and human shampoo products as well because they contain ingredients that are not suitable for dogs. Therefore, always try to use shampoo products that are mainly for dogs and take extra care on using new and unfamiliar products.

Always put all bathing products in one good place with availability of water source as dogs love the sprinkling of water. Make sure that all the things needed such as conditioner, towel, and shampoo are in one place even when you are using bathtub to avoid hassle. You can best use a dog conditioner to have an enjoyable brushing moment with your dog later after bathing.

This activity should always put into consideration because  dog, as we all know, is a man’s bestfriend. Happy bathing!

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