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Five Solutions on How to Stop Dog Snoring

Dog SnoringIs the sound of your dog snoring at night keeping you awake? What if it is too loud? We do love our pets but we would love to enjoy a good night’s sleep even better. Snoring or sleep apnea affects not only humans but dogs as well.

Unlike humans dogs snore not because they are suffering from a serious medical condition but rather because some breeds of dog snore because of the way their snout and faces are naturally built by nature.

Blame it on the obstruction of their air passages which tightens the throat in some parts which in turn causes the snoring.

Some Causes of Dog Snoring

  • Allergic reactions. Some dogs are more prone to these allergic reactions than the other breeds of dog especially during certain seasons of the year
  • Colds. Your dogs might snore because he is suffering from a cold. He will continue to snore until his nostrils clear up
  • Overweight. Obese dogs do tend to snore at night too like humans. The reason for this is that the excess flesh that surrounds their throat constricts their breathing
  • Age. As dogs get older they are more prone to snoring
  • Second hand smoking. Some dogs cannot take your smoking that they might try to get your attention when they feel affected by your habit

Five Useful Ways to Stop Dog Snoring

  1. Clean his bedding. If the cause of your dog snoring is allergens you can help him by cleaning up his bedding every day. Walk with your dog when the pollen levels in the air are low. The keyword to remember is dust free. Elevate your dog’s head by giving him a pillow. The elevated head may help reduce snoring
  2. Help your dog to lose those extra pounds by walking with him. This way you both get the health benefits of breathing in fresh air and getting the right amount of exercise
  3. Create a smoke free environment. You can also try to take a bath since smoking can leave behind traces of the smell of cigarette on your clothes
  4. Minor surgery. Consult a veterinary first before you decide on underwent your dog surgery. There are certain risks that can result from the surgery and some of these risks are irreversible. There is no corrective surgery that can remedy the first surgical procedure. Be sure that you have made the right decision if this is the last solution that you can ever think of for your pet

The bottom line is that if you want your dog to live longer than just a few years, you have to commit to these changes. After all if you really love your dog and would love to sleep soundly at night you will be willing to adjust and change your lifestyle. If in case you have tried all of the ways on how to stop dog snoring and still he snores louder than before it is the time to think more about having him undergo surgery. 

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