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Chihuahua Dog Breed Info


Chihuahuas. Controversy: where are they from? Is it China? Maybe, actually. Or Mexico, from
the territory called Chihuahua. We don’t know. Nobody knows where they’re from originally.
It doesn’t really matter; Chihuahuas are wonderful dogs.
Chihuahuas come in two varieties. There’s the long coat Chihuahua, and the short coat
Chihuahua. Short coat Chihuahuas need occasional brushing, but not too much. The long coat
variety may need some grooming, and may need some occasional clipping. In either case,
they’re not difficult dogs to take care of. Chihuahuas have a variable range of personalities.
It’s all over the map. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you’ve got it.
“He is very cuddly.” “They like to play and run around the house,
but then they’ll sleep for two or three hours.” “Peta is sassy. She’ll bully Paco, when they’re
playing.” “They’re quiet, for the most part. She is,
anyway.” “They all vary, have their own unique personalities,
every single one of them.” “Perry has inspired our new business, Perry
Dog, a line of dog clothing, apparel, accessories. A big part of Perry Dog is to give back to
different organizations and shelters, since Perry was a shelter dog himself.”
Chihuahuas are adorable, and that is actually one of the main reasons people find themselves
interested in Chihuahuas. Now, the other reason is they can take them everywhere, because
they’re that small. In fact, they’re the AKC’s smallest breed, weighing in at just under
six pounds. Chihuahuas are cute and tiny, and that small
size does come with a set of problems. Toy dog hypoglycemia is common in a lot of small
breed dogs. One solution to that is actually feeding small amounts of food frequently to
avoid that low blood sugar. The other problem is luxating patellas. Their little kneecaps
pop in and out of place. If you do some exercises and some good nutrition, you can avoid surgical
intervention for luxating patellas.

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