Charlie Sheen Killed A Pug?!!!

The block in hell reserved exclusively for pug murderers just got a Charlie Sheen nameplate bonded to the bars of one of its cells, because TMZ is saying that a wrinkly faced dog is snoring in heaven thanks to the ash-fisted alley cat troll. Charlie Sheen spewed out this Tweet

Epileptic woman killed by pitbull dog was pregnant with fifth child

A MOTHER killed in her home by two banned dogs was pregnant, it emerged yesterday. Emma Bennett, 27, was expecting her fifth child when she was savaged by the animals, believed to be American pitbulls, after suffering an epileptic fit. Boyfriend Lee Horner, 33, was arrested yesterday under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Family appeal after puppy is snatched from their garden in Norwich

A family are appealing for help after seeing their 15-week-old puppy snatched from their garden. Police are now searching for a man whose image was captured on CCTV in the West Earlham area, where the family live. The puppy, a pug named Rocco described as white fawn with a curly tail, was

Pugs bring out the mother in her

Cynthia Moses loves pugs to the point of running an exclusive shelter for them. Satz Pug Haven – named after her son, whom she lost three years ago – is a paid stay for these wrinkly-faced dogs. It also rescues pugs that have been abandoned or ill-treated. “Pugs are indoor pets

Dog food contaminated with metal and plastic

A dog food company has apologised after a bag of dry food was found to be contaminated with metal and plastic. Kelly Andrew, from Camborne, Cornwall, bought a bag of Adult Richa from her local Poundstretcher and fed it to her dogs - none fell ill. Manufacturer Welham Estates Limited said it

Police kill pit bull that mauled boy

Police shot and killed a pit bull Wednesday after it mauled a boy in a public park. The 8-year-old boy was playing with two pit bulls at Keeler Neighborhood Park in Skyline when one of them attacked him, witnesses told Fox 5. The boy’s mother called the station Thursday morning disputing

Don’t Get a Pug

Pugs are a wonderful breed of dog, however they’re not for everyone. As Pug advocates it’s our responsibility to provide the negative aspects of Pug ownership. takes this approach because we want Pugs to be in appropriate homes, for their benefit as well as your own. When selecting a dog,

Ollie does the crime, Adrian serves the time

What if our pets were charged with their crimes, just like human beings are? Surely, many of them would be behind bars. During out-of-town trips, we leave our dog, Ollie the Pug, with a dog-sitter. The sitter is a very nice senior lady with a wee pug of her own. Our last