Pugs Run Amuck in Del Mar

FOLDY, SNARFLY FUN: Dogs have been gathering for millennia, but actual people-planned meet-ups, by breed, are a much newer phenomenon. And while every breed has their true-hearted champions, those people who organize and plan the canine-sweet get-togethers, it is hard to outdo Pug people. It just is. Not only are annual

Miracle Dog: Abused Pug With 2 Broken Legs Walks Again

  Meet Jazzy. She's is an adorable pug mix who always seems to be smiling. You can't help but laugh when you look at Jazzy now, and you would never guess the horrible situation she was rescued from and the pain this little girl has suffered. Jazzy was taken from her original

Woman steals pug puppy from Long Island pet store

Krista Kazan had bought three dogs from the pet store in Hauppauge, but during a recent visit, she pocketed a nine-week-old pug, valued at $1,800, leading to her arrest. Krista Kazan, 43, pocketed the $1,800 pug from Yipity Yap on Feb. 17 moments after a salesman showed her the adorable 9-week-old

Bark and ride: pug with wheels goes walkies in west Hull

WHEN six-year-old pug Algernon was diagnosed with a crippling illness three years ago, his devastated owners feared he would never walk again. His back legs stopped working and he could only get around by shuffling on his bottom across the floor.   Now, Algernon has been fitted with a £325 pair of rear

Pug Shot Owner!!!

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