How Cold Is Too Cold For Pets?

A common misconception is that dogs and cats are more resistant to cold weather than humans because of their fur, but the risks to animals can be greater during a cold snap than during extreme heat Many pet owners are aware of the dangers to dogs and cats in extreme heat,

Learn About Dog Allergy Symptoms

Dog Allergy Symptoms

 If you love your dog you will definitely try to learn all that you need to know as its owner. Identifying the dog allergy symptoms cannot be easy as simply looking at your dog and saying that it is this type of allergy. The range of substances that your dog

Problems with Stinky Dog Breath

Stinky Dog Breath

It is not just humans like us that may be suffering from foul smelling mouth odor. Stinky dog breath is also a common problem in as much as 80% percentage of dogs. Bad breath or halitosis in dogs can be a warning of health issues that needs to be address

The Definitive Guide to Dog Allergy

Dogs are similar to us humans in so many ways. They too can show dog allergy symptoms. This happens when their immune system is compromise meaning their system recognizes some substances to be dangerous hence the negative reaction towards it. Allergens are the main culprit behind this allergy.  In canines the

Causes of Dog Skin Changing Color

Dog Skin Changing color

For pet owners out there if you love your pets and concern about their well being you would notice slight changes in his appearance. There are times when dog skin changing colors happen. The dog’s skin may become darker or lighter. This can be a normal process or can be traced

Little Known Facts about Dog Ear Infection

Dog Ear Infection

It is quite common for flop ear dogs suffer from dog ear infection (otitis externa). Ear infections can be a painful condition especially if your dog will suffer from it most of the time. Some common signs that your pet has dog ear infection are if he scratches and rubs

Five Solutions on How to Stop Dog Snoring

Dog Snoring

Is the sound of your dog snoring at night keeping you awake? What if it is too loud? We do love our pets but we would love to enjoy a good night’s sleep even better. Snoring or sleep apnea affects not only humans but dogs as well. Unlike humans dogs