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California jogger kills 15-pound pug with single kick as horrified owner looks on

Little Mei Fun, a 2-year-old pug, died after she was kicked by a jogger Saturday morning as her owner tried to corral the 15-pound pooch. (COURTESY STEPHANIE LISI)

It was a killer kick.

A jogger in California’s Bay Area sent a 2-year-old pug to an early grave with a swift boot that instantly killed the 15-pound pooch.

Little Mei Fun, standing not nine inches off the ground, died Saturday after the jerky jogger delivered the crushing blow in the East Bay town of Kensington, the dog’s devastated owner told the Daily News.

“She dropped in her tracks, almost as if she were a stuffed animal, her legs not even bent, just straight out,” owner Stephanie Lisi told The News. “Her eyes rolled back in her head. I was just in such shock and disbelief.”

The unidentified jogger eventually stopped after Lisi screamed and ran with the pup in desperation. Responding police officers investigated, but may not have enough evidence to press animal cruelty charges, Lisi said.

“He said he tapped her,” she said. “I told the cops, ‘Here’s the evidence of his tap!’ and held up Mei Fun.”

The dog was already stiff and dead despite Lisi’s attempts at chest compressions. A necropsy would have been too expensive, she said.


“The jogger was 6-feet tall at least, so what is that, a size 13 shoe to a head the size of a naval orange?” said Lisi.

Lisi admits the dog was off-leash at the Kensington Hilltop Elementary School, which is against the rules. She was taking a cut-through after a walk with Mei Fun and her 9-year-old pug, Mushu, when tragedy struck. Lisi was distracted by leashing Mushu and Mei Fun was 50 feet away but returning to her owner when the jogger, described as gray-haired and thin, turned a corner and lashed out with a vicious left leg kick.

Mei Fun (r.) in a cow costume with 9-year-old sister, Mushu (l.). Mei Fun died Saturday after being kicked by a jogger. (COURTESY STEPHANIE LISI)

He told police he’d previously been bitten by a small dog and that it was “coming at me,” Lisi said.

“I said, ‘She’s a pug!’ There’s no way she could get her little maw around a pant leg,” Lisi said. “You can’t go around killing anything that comes in your path because you’ve had a bad experience with it. He’s a grown man.”

The case has been forwarded to the Contra Costa County district attorney’s office, police told the San Francisco Chronicle, which first reported the story. It’s also outraged members of a local Facebook page for pet owners, who sent out a “VICIOUS JOGGER ALERT” and gave a head’s up about the attack.

“It was excessive force against a tiny creature who never even crossed his path,” Lisi said. “He could have just kept running.”


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  1. I never would have let that person leave without kicking them in the head! He would have been sporting some bruises or b th oken bones! This kind of stuff makes my blood boil!

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